Hi.  My name's Alice & I've been studying + reading tarot for over a decade.  For those of you who don't know, the tarot is a super old deck of really awesome cards which, when used to channel the energy of a particular question or situation, can give us insight into our own lives + psyches & help us make decisions that are for our highest good.  If you're thinking about making some changes in your life and want a little guidance (or you're just wondering wtf is going on right now), you could probably benefit from a tarot reading.

Examples of good questions for the tarot:

- Why is this person in my life & what am I meant to learn from her/him/them?

- I'm stuck in a rut or caught between paths.  What is the potential outcome of X path vs Y path?  What decision(s) are in greatest alignment with my integrity & what does my highest self support?

- I need insight into a challenging or painful situation in my life.  What is the spiritual lesson for me in this situation & how do I best heal &/or bring the matter to a resolution?

Keep in mind that tarot is less about predicting destined events via objective external data & more about envisioning probabilities & likely potential outcomes by reaching out to spirit & plumbing the depths of our psyches.  We all have agency & the future is ever-shifting (thank goddess).  Sometimes called "folk therapy," tarot is a truly powerful tool for healing & self-realization.

While tarot is my area of expertise, I also very much enjoy incorporating a myriad of spiritual modalities/"technologies" into my readings, including but not limited to: dowsing, astrology, numerology, & human design.  If you are interested in layering any of these modalities into your reading, be sure to let me know in advance & come armed with your complete & accurate birth information.