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tarot cheat sheet (pdf) - 2.22

A tidy little tarot resource written by yours truly & including: key words for each & every card in the deck (page 1); 3 easy-to-read diagrams for, IMO, the most universally helpful tarot spreads (page 2); & fun bonus info like deck recommendations & a curated list of free tarot resources to further your education (pages 3-4).

five-card new moon solar eclipse spread (pdf) - 3.33

Eclipses are often karmic, highly transitional moments: they urge (sometimes, it might feel more like "force"!) us to sweep our inner cobwebs & to release - both emotionally & materially - anything that is no longer serving our highest good.  This simple tarot spread, written during the recent new moon solar eclipse in Cancer (July 2019), is designed to help you access the wisdom of any presently occurring new moon solar eclipse, including its particular relevance to your life & the ways that you can work with its powerful energy for your own healing, alignment, & growth.  Perform this spread within a few days of the eclipse (before or after) in order to tap into its potent energy.

full moon banishing spell (pdf) - 3.33

Written for the full moon in Scorpio, but can be performed successfully during any full or waning moon (note: you will not want to perform this spell during a waxing moon!).  This spell requires relatively few materials & is designed to help you banish bad habits, toxic patterns/dynamics, low-vibe relationships, addictive behaviors, & anything else that is keeping you from reaching your highest potential!  PDF is 4 pages total. 

new moon in leo spell (pdf) - 3.33

A spell for infusing your art & creative projects with light, power, & healing vibrations.  This spell requires relatively few materials spell & draws on the power of Leo to infuse your creative projects (music, artwork, photography, writing - the list goes on!) with the highest healing frequencies.  Spell was written for the new moon in Leo, but can be performed successfully anytime the moon is in Leo (preferably, waxing) or anytime during Sun-in-Leo season.