Hi Alice, I wanted to thank you very much for your reading.  I know it must be hard to do at a distance but I was so wowed by what the cards showed you and your interpretation. You are spot on in every way.  It was so freeing to hear the validation of where I feel inside that I'm at . . . this reading is just another example of the Universe telling me to open up. Thank you thank you! It means so much. Please use any of these words as recommendation for your services and talents and I'm happy to write more to share how beneficial this has been. 

- Liz Marie Sanders, photographer, NYC/Arkansas

My first ever Tarot reading was with Alice. It was a spiritual experience that continues to resonate with me. Alice is full of kindness and compassion. I trust her to read the cards in a way that will lead to insights and self-knowledge. 

- Christine Swint, poet, Atlanta

Ah! How wonderful to see your spread! So comforting! Also omg dead on . . . You basically described [the situation] to a T! Thank you! 

- Angela Beaver, yoga teacher, Atlanta

THANK YOU!!  I have been using what you taught at the workshop so much recently and I'm so grateful! 

- Camille Hope Hankins, therapist, Atlanta